Professional Massages In Alexandria, VA

Various massages are available at Healing Hands of Alexandria, Virginia.

Alexandria Massage Virginia

Alec will interview and consult with you. She is capable and willing to suggest the perfect massage to optimize your body’s natural healing and empowerment abilities through natural holistic approaches.

Great for: Recovery from Injuries and illnesses : Strengthening, Flexibility, Vitality, Stress Management, Pure Enjoyment and Relaxation.

The Integrated Intuitive Massage is the most sought after massage experience and promises excellence every time. Alec’s long years of continued active practice and training allow her to effectively utilize her intuition to implement a combination of the best techniques, tailored to fit each client’s according to need, body type and responsiveness.

Techniques inside Alec’s imaginary black bag include: General, Swedish, Myo-Facial Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Thai (including Thai reflexology) and Tantra. There are also many other techniques offered. If you have a special request just ask Alec. She will be happy to give you an honest advisement of her capability.

A massage in Alexandria is a great way to unwind and leave your stress behind. Also providing top quality massage therapy to Washington DC.

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