Tantra Alexandria MassageTantra Massage: Tantra Massage is often associated with sex. However, a “TRUE” Tantra Massage is much deeper than JUST SEX! Please don’t confuse this massage with an offer for massage featuring a “happy ending.” IT IS NOT THAT! It will bring you into an alignment of loving respect first within self and only then, thereby heal and empower your relationships with a psycho-spiritual and physical demonstration of sacred reverence of a love shared in profound respect and unity.
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Tantra Massage is a body/energetic therapeutic approach to healing and empowerment in concern of all issues involving all aspects of one’s being, such as physical, emotional, mental and the spirited/soul. Available in Alexandria Virginia and the surrounding areas for men and women, singles and couples; it works through bringing all equal/opposite states of duality into a complimenting union or “One-ness.” It is this powerful process that supports and optimizes life.

Tantra Massage combines therapeutic physical body work and energy work together with yoga meditation, (breath, intention and focus) all rolled into one.

Tantra Massage In Alexandria, VA

Tantra Meditation are meditation techniques that advance health and well-being through systems that are commonly known as “The Chakras/Meridian system,” “Kriya Energetics,” “Shakti Energetics,” “Sekem Energetics” and/or “Serpentine Energetics” ( which are all names for basically the same things just in different terminology due to different lineages, traditions, cultures and languages.) They all refer to building a strengthened physical relationship between this energy which by any name is simply the Human Life Energy System or even what is known as the human “Spirited Soul.”

The primary inner focus is on all of the 7 major chakra centers running through the center of the spine. Alec will use “Breath, Intention and Focus” (BIF) to develop the ability for an alignment and integration to occur between your physical body Awareness or Neurological Sensory System and your Inner Divine Light Body System, (which involves the integration of 2 systems even within It’s “SELF.” These are the Divine Infinite Intelligence System (god attributes) and Divine Infinite Vibratory Life System (goddess attributes). This is known as a state of “Intercourse” however it is NOT a sexual intercourse between practitioner and recipient. This is an intercourse developed within the recipient’s Being, between the physical body and the Light Body, (both existing within all of us, as two dual existing systems that must be brought into union.) In doing so health, wellness and power are heightened and conscious awareness is awakened… facilitating the recipient’s evolutionary process into “Enlightenment.”

Alec uses the true Tantra Massage to help move out body toxins, blockages, pains and stiffness and to assist the body in its healing process so that it is able to sustain higher frequency levels of the Light Body flowing through it.

Tantra Massage is an ultra powerful mechanism for an ultimate realization of healing and empowerment, awakening and enlightenment.

However, it is not for everyone. Alec will closely interview with anyone intending to schedule a Tantra Massage Session to make sure they are clear about what is actually offered and the full scope of the commitment, which is:
The recipient must be willing to commit to a program that involves meditation, diet, cleansing and spiritual science teachings in order to evoke a Tantric Awakening which will naturally accomplish a heightened state of health and wellbeing on every level of the Being, physical, emotional, mental and spirited soul.

There is no room for simple curiosity or for those who hope to sway the direction into adult entertainment.


Tantra is an Ancient “Spiritual” LIFE Science which commands respect, devotion, discipline and the surrendering of ego, less one shall fall quickly and divert into just another addictive body/mind habit that stunts the emotions, minds and spirited souls of those who have attempted to short cut and make light of this serious path.

Tantra is a serious discipline that holds in Its grasp a serious gift of power for those who are true aspirants. However the Karmic Cost is high for those who seek to sell or use its powerful wisdoms and applied practices for exploitation and domination over another in any way.

Only the truly serious aspirant will be accepted for this powerful experience.

Conveniently located in Alexandria, VA, we have clients from all over the area discovering the powerful benefits of this wonderful and sometimes lost massage technique.

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